The Clients We Serve

Our Clients

Families come to us to simplify the scholarship and collegiate processes.   We aim to minimize the stress and anxiety involved with applying for college and scholarships. Our expert staff helps families minimize college expenses through customized educational plans.

Our hope is to start creating collegiate and scholarship portfolios for middle school students.   However, most of our clients are families with high school juniors and seniors.  Since, students can earn scholarship dollars as young as 5 years old, why wait?

Our parents are heavily involved with family responsibilities, careers, and community activism. Therefore, they can delegate time to those important matters and give the college and scholarship preparation to us. Our services are utilized similar to those of an attorney or tax consultant. Our mission is to help save time and money, reduce stress, and maximize positive results.

Our Client Profile

  • Anyone, at any age, seeking successful financial strategies in order to greatly reduce the costs of attending college. 
  • A proactive college bound family who wants to go from overwhelmed and stressed to more relaxed and manageable in relation to college and scholarship applications.
  • A committed family, who wants to save time and money, is prepared to invest in their student’s academic future, and dedicated to spending time and effort successfully completing college and scholarship applications.
  • Someone who understands that working with a college/scholarship specialist is an investment in accomplishing collegiate and career goals.

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